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Power Transformers: Unleashing the Backbone of Electrical Distribution

Power transformers hold a pivotal role in diverse industries by efficiently transferring electrical energy between circuits.UV Transformer acknowledges the vital significance of these devices and is dedicated to producing top-notch power transformers that meet industry standards. Our power transformers are crafted with precision and expertise, ensuring seamless energy transfer and voltage regulation.

Distribution Transformer Upto 5MVA Voltage Class 33Kv

Distribution transformers are pivotal components in electrical systems, ensuring safe and efficient power delivery to homes and businesses. These transformers play a crucial role in reducing the voltage levels of electricity generated at power plants before it reaches end-users. UV Transformer Products comprehends the significance of reliable distribution transformers and excels in crafting top-tier solutions. These transformers not only contribute to reliable electricity supply but also enhance the overall stability of the grid

Inverter Duty Transformer (Solar & Wind) Upto 12.5MVA Voltage Class 11/33Kv

The Solar inverter duty transformer and Wind inverter duty transformer play a vital role in converting the low voltage generated by solar panels or wind turbines into a high voltage suitable for feeding into the power grid.These transformers, also known as Convertor Duty or Inverter Duty transformers, are specifically designed to handle the unique requirements and challenges associated with renewable energy sources.The Solar and Wind inverter duty transformers are built with features that mitigate these harmonics, ensuring a clean and stable power supply to the grid.

Compact Substations Upto 2500KVA Voltage Class 11/33Kv

The UV Transformer MV/LV prefabricated substation is part of a comprehensive offer of products with consistent design. The PSS is a co-branded product offer covering the best of products from UV Transformer. BIOSCO design comes from Schneider Electric, France. All LT & MV electrical distribution products come from Schneider Electric, India. The Transformer, LT panels & Housing are products from UV Transformer. All these products have been designed to operate together to ensure electrical, mechanical and communication compatibility.

Package Substation (Unitized Substation Transformer)

UV Transformer offers qualitative range of PSS (Package Substation) or USS (Unitized Substation) Tranformer from 100 KVA to 2000KVA in11 KV Class. Compact Substation are used for feeding power from high voltage to low voltage.The substation is compact in size, suitable forfrequent shifting and for use in indoor / outddor locations. The substation is A unitized substation is a compact arrangement, which simplifies conventional substation design.Substation housing is divided into three compartment i.e. the HV Compartment, the Transformer Compartment and the LV Compartment.

Furnace Transformer Upto to 12.5MVA Voltage Class 11/33Kv

UV Transformer is a distinguished company managed by a team of proficient technocrats who possess extensive and diverse expertise in the design, development, production, quality control and servicing of transformers.The company owns a unique manufacturing facility equipped with modern technology and testing capabilities that adhere to the rigorous standards of IS, IEC and ANSI.Recognized for its commitment to producing high quality products, UV Transformer holds prestigious accreditation such as ISO-9001:2008, 14001:2004 and 18001:2007 by Moody International.